Render Cleaning Devon UK

Ultra Pure Hot Water Cleaning

Our specialist system of water filtration removes large particulates from the water, leaving it pure and clean without a chance of leaving marks and streaks. We know just how frustrating it can be to see imperfections after you've just paid to have them cleaned, so we want you to know that our attention to detail and the pride we take in our work prevents us from doing any job poorly. We also understand that the weather can sometimes affect the cleaning result so although we do work in the rain, we are confident of our judgement call with the weather we offer a rain guarantee. If we clean in the rain and not completely satisfied once the rain has stopped we will come back and reclean all your windows. Our professional staff has extensive experience, and we are happy to address any questions you have. The advantage of hot water cleaning speaks for itself as you don't clean your dishes with cold water - so don't settle for a cold window clean when you can have the ultimate cleaning done at no extra cost. We heat the ultra pure water to 47°c as we find this is the perfect temperature to achieve outstanding results for your window cleaning.

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